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The Lashing Workshop is now closed. No new build orders will be taken


 Yes I do l stuff that doesn't resemble anything else. Sometimes I just pull out exotic woods and go for it. See gallery.


Have a vintage piece that needs loving care? This is the only type of repair work I do. I only work on old Fenders and Gibsons. Almost all years and every model has been thru this shop. SImple setups, fretwork, total overhauls, re-necks, touring duplicates made ... this is what I do. I do not make "sort of" product. My vintage builds and restorations are EXACT VINTAGE SPEC. This is a term that is grossly misused these days. I do not do kit guitars or "almosts". My vintage restorations and builds are appraisal worthy works for the serious collector.


Need a Celluloid Pickguard for your old Stratocaster? Lashing makes them. Can't find the right knobs, screws, wire? We have recreated some of the rarest parts. Said parts are not cheap, but neither is tooling, dies, molds and making sacrificial lambs of valuable vintage pieces.

What I DO NOT do

No general repairs. I restore vintage pieces only. I will not take in general repair work. I have developed a shop and skill set that is highly specialized to classic solid body Guitars of the 50's and 60's. Occasional interesting 70's or 80's pieces sneak in. My customers are generally seasoned collectors who surprise me constantly with new projects. I specialize in this area and it keeps my calendar full. There are plenty of great people doing general repair. I am not one of them.




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