Celluloid (Cellulose Nitrate) NOS Strat Pickguards

100% Cellulose Nitrate! All 3 layers, all specs true to vintage. Limited run(Some cuts sold out) This is the end of real Italian Celluloid.


(A) 59-62 - the exact shape, thickness .100", color and material as used from 1959 - 1962      
(B) '63-65 - Same as above but with the one moved screw hole between neck and middle PU.    
(C) SCREWLESS - same as above but no pickguard screw holes. Create an ultra rare 10 hole or drill to match your design. SOLD OUT
To Purchase Celluloid Guards

Visit our exclusive online dealer www.nosguitar.com

Attention: There have been some people claiming to sell my brand of product (mostly Ebay) who are selling substandard imitation. Unfortunately, people have fallen for it and received ill fitting, poorly made guards. These are not mine. The only way to get my guards is from NosGuitar.com. Some cuts are sold out now.

Detailed Photos of these guards:

Picture gallery 01

Aged '63 Photos

More Aged Guards

Factory Tour: how they were made

Lashing Guitars manufactures vintage accurate Celluloid pickguards. Exact, color, thickness, cut and materials of pickguards used on Fender Guitars 1959 - 1965. (quantity limited)


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