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Guitar  Articles:

From time to time I'll put up how-to's or articles of interest.

TORN APART - 1959 Les Paul

So much Fraud in Les Paul Forums (and others)

PAF and Pat# Pickup Fakes Vs Real Pictorial

Restoring a '62 Strat - lots of photos

Ebay Fakes - Exposing badly faked Strats on Ebay.

Celluloid Nitrate Pickguards - Destroying a '63 in the name of science

Guitar  Factory Tours

Vintage Screws: Hard Evidence Comes Cheap When Vintage Shopping p

Brazilian Rosewood Gallery

Vintage Guitar Myths

The Tight Neck Pocket Myth

Woods Used In Lashing Guitars

Slash's famous Les Paul - the replica that saved Gibson

Pickups - PAF and otherwise

Neck Radius Rant

Outside link - Celebrity guitar fraud  - serial abuser needs to be outed