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Since I have closed shop, time to update this section as there is really only one question now.

 I no longer build guitars. I no longer do restorations. Will I return in the future? Perhaps. Several life events presented themselves and for now, there is no Lashing workshop. We had 2 floods, some personal health issues and a cross country move. 

Right now I am enjoying not having the overhead of a fully equipped workshop. I miss building so who knows what the future will bring. I had a good long run with word of mouth being my only advertising. Thanks to all my past customers for your gracious support and trust. It still amazes me that people I never met would send me a 58 Les Paul to reneck, or a 51 No caster, etc. Just about every year of 50's - 60's Fender/Gibson passed thru for something or other and almost all were from repeat customers, purely from the word of another. Thank you.

The celluloud pickguards I manufatured are still available (for now) at www.nosguitar.com  I released my personal build stash to them as well as some half done bodies etc. Beyond that there are a few demo guitars I'll likely pass on to them to market and that will be the last chance to obtain a Lashing ....as far as the crystal ball can tell me.