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Lashing Guitars Mantra:


The Short of it.

Lashing Guitars is a (primarily) one man operation in Canada. This is my semi retirement business with a simple motto:  I do not build because I have to. I build because I want to.  Years of study, tooling and practice have gone into Lashing Guitars. If you need a Celluloid (Nitrate) Pickguard, a Slab neck replicated, an Exact '59 LP Burst, a '61 Strat built from scratch to the highest detail ... this is what I do.

UPDATE: the workshop is closed and I am no longer in production. I may update a bit here and there and have a story or two to tell once and while. I stress I have never been active in Internet forums. If someone says they are me, its not. I have noticed discussions about me positive and negative and dont know the people holding those discussions. Its quite comical how disingenuous most internet knowledge is. Everyone claims to be an expert cutting and pasting someone elses stuff. Its entertaining sometimes anyway. There are a few forums in particular I consider nasty places made of complete trash. But thats my opinion and everyone has one.


My Services In Detail:


Half my time is dedicated to restoring vintage solid body electrics from the 50's and 60's. Most notably Pre CBS era Fender and 50's-60's Gibson products. I do not take on repair or restoration work  involving guitars built after 1969. I only get involved in high level detail restorations and am choosey as to what I take in. Getting back to authentic, functional specification is highest priority. Only so many pieces can be done exceeding well in a calendar year thus I cannot accept everything. If its on my bench, its interesting. When you love what you do, the best tends to happen.

Custom Builds

Guitars made to extreme detail, mostly the replicating of classics. You'd be surprised how many famous (valuable)  Tele's, Strats or Les Paul bursts have identical twins for touring purposes. After 50 years things do get worn out, lost/stolen or simply to valuable to risk traveling. I do not do the typical "custom shop" work. My clone builds are meant for the professional who's guitars are part of their personality and image. All parts and materials must be correct and authentic. Sound, playability and vintage specification of "appraisal" quality are paramount. This involves custom fabrication of all elements. I also manufacture guitars of my own design from time to time including exotic eye candy to take things "over the top".

Vintage Consultations and Appraisals

The manufacturing process is the only way to understand and indentify markings of a vintage guitar. Many and all things can be reproduced. Not many do it exceptionally well. This is what separates pros from the "cons".  I travel throughout the year to examine collectable pieces. I do not do online appraisals or cheesy book signing parties. I do not claim to tell vintage status across a dimly lit room or from grainy photographs. Many dealers claim this uncanny ability and its a sideshow. Like anything in life - until you stand in the fire you will not know its burn. I fix and recreate these things all the time. I know what it takes to recreate old machinery markings and process scars. Most dealer/appraisers have no first hand manufacturing experience. There are many ways to "almost" get it right (almost translates to wrong) .... these dead giveaways in material and manufacture are the only way to truly tell the real McCoy from Decoy. I do in hand appraisals only. Items can be shipped to me or me shipped to the items. For regular customers I will check out online auctions and give an opinion but again - looking at pictures is not an accurate appraisal.

Material Purchase and sales

Always buying lumber and creating materials. Obsolete things like Celluloid Nitrate. machining metal parts, casting knobs, etc. NOS tolex, sheet goods, parts ..... I am interested in all. I buy, manufacture and sell. Fine old woods, parts, pieces .... etc. As I wind things done more a little each year, I will still buy but its gotta be interesting.



Email is the best way to contact me as I can answers questions at my leisure, whatever the hour. I work all the time.  contact page <<<<<



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