les pal burst top

29 Nice view of top carve. Knobs are equal plane due to thoughtful route in back cavity. Maple peeking under binding at treble side. PU rings have conformed to top shape and warping. "Poker" chip on 3-way switch also forming to top curve.

32 Binding is scraped after finishing and generally done very well. Sometimes there are imperfections that round over with time. The red dye leached  a little thru binding from both ends. Clear nitro over mahogany is cherry tinted as is of course the top "burst". Even though red fades it tends to stick with butyrate binding once leached in.

33 Maple top peek-a-boo under binding. Obvious cherry clear. Quite obvious refret - no nibs. Neck binding butt jointed at end.

35 Partial thread wood screw. Never full thread. Classic Gibson strap button shape.