36, 37 Many angles make the Burst Les Paul much more complex to build than Fender solid body electrics of the time. From angles of top, PU routes, neck route, headstock, everything is angled and culminates in a straight plane of playing surface.

38 Honduras mahogany. Once solid piece. No joints. Wear areas prove again clear is cherry tinted. The wood is not stained cherry which is a mistake copycats have made. Mahogany is first sealed, then grain filled with a tinted filler (which is why the grain lines are darker). Finished with cherry tinted clear.

39 Result of good engineering. Everything angled to meet straight and true to playing surface including pickups. Depth/angle of neck route must be very accurate so fingerboard lies true to angle cut on top. The neck pocket is angled, not the neck heel - another point some copycats have messed up.

40 While well thought out and well made, some parts are simply "eyeballed" like the jack plate. Not at all straight. We see that big time with tuners as well.