59 les paul headstock
01 Headstock asymmetrical (sharper point left) all are a little different but follow same basic shape. Some sharper than others.
02 Usual finish flaking from logo. Mother of Pearl was cut by hand. Each very much the same but not exact. This one broke between the "i" and "b". Likely when pushed in during install. Logos were glued in with fish glue colored with black pigment. Cavity filler lost around the "n" showing the logo route is larger than logo, thus the black pigmented fish glue filler. After install the black is scraped off the pearl face before finishing. Another reason all logos look a little different. No two are scraped exact and leftover black can "fuzz" the lines.

04 Silkscreened Les Paul Model (gold on top of finish)

05, 06 Tuners are the same on all bursts with the same PATENT stamp inside. This guitar uses drop in replacement for playing purposes.

07 Tuner rotting. The celluloid used is different than sheet used for inlay, and tends to rot, eventually crumbling away.

09 Serial # inkstamp under clear finish.