The Aging Of
Lashing Celluloid Nitrate Strat Pickguards

A popular request is "do you offer aged Celluloid?". We go thru all that trouble to make pickguards that are NOS condition and you want them yellowed and dirty? Well OK then, here were have some guards in progress. These are at the tint stage. Everybody has a different idea of how much "green" the tops should turn. The Lashing celluloid is exact to vintage grey/green to start with. We do not make them any greener. What I do is use proprietary methods to yellow the tops. The makes them appear greener. Its the same thing time does to the originals.

On the right - fresh NOS stock guard. On the left - we've darkened this top, except for under the knobs of course. The backside is still light.

Everybody thinks the yellow "stains" on the underside should be stronger/lighter ... so here's a few that run the spectrum. We've stretched the pickguard screw holes a bit on these too.

Of course, great debates are had about "correct" chatter. Well, we're not going to argue. Here are a few variations. Really, "correct" is whatever the cutting process does. The first may be pretty smooth while number 50 gets chatter and 100 more so. But why argue? You want chatter? - you got chatter.

Page 2 - A finished Guard

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