54 Telecaster resurrection. One messy vintage '54 Tele body becomes;

This one was a mess. Real and vintage '54 Telecaster body had been butchered. Long ago someone decided to do a "Waylon" type leather carving right into the wood. They also drilled holes to glue in a coin collection. Either they, or the next guy, didn't like it much because it was filled (with bondo no less, right over aforementioned coins 'n' all) and refinished black all over. Egads man ... handed over to me as a lost cause. Bondo literally fell out to reveal holes, carvings of god knows what and simply terrible homecooked collection of  "fixins". Aside from the top it really wasn't in that bad shape. Corners were not beat up, back wasn't gouged. I decided to give it new life as part of the 2013 Lashing Anniversary series. The black finish crept right into the grain. Rather than struggle, I ran with it. Makes the grain pop nicely in my opinion. Getting it cleaned up without removing wood was tricky but that's what I do. Top is 1/8" Rosewood, finished natural and double bound cream/tortoise. P90's wound in house and installed reverse slant for Hendrix effect just under 8k at the neck, just over 9k on the bridge. Neck carved from Cuban mahogany. As always I build everything in house - from scratch. Wired 3 way (neck/both/bridge) with 500k Master Volume and Tone pots.


Since so many "carvings" had decorated the top their was no harm in making some changes. I back loaded the controls using the original cavity as a guide, simply taking out the back, creating a lip and making a plate from leftover rosewood. No need to cover any of that top with a pickguard or control plate. Rosewood like this is not cheap. Fingerboard is birdseye maple with 9.5" radius.




We cant have 1954 again but we can make something from remnants of '54. Truss rod is vintage style 3/16 rod however I utilized a modern spoke wheel for easy adjustment. History and the future meet. I am quite proud of this one and happy to offer it as the first of 3 anniversary guitars for 2013 only. The only 2 are flying V's. By the looks of it it might be 2014 by the time they are finished.

A taste of things to come. 2 special V's